Monday, October 13, 2008

Being a mom of a Senior in High School

I can't believe he is a senior, I mean, where did the time go? D.J. has definitely made the years very interesting, overwhelming, exciting, nail biting and all of the above. It's not been easy to get him to this point. D.J. is probably the smartest kid I know but when it comes to school work he's the laziest. Homework is definitely a chore for him. We just survived Homecoming week at Evangel. It's was a long week but it was good. I think he and I both are glad it's over though. I about to order Senior pics and wow the money thus far and I haven't even gotten half way yet. Oh well I'm looking forward to the day he graduates but will be sad that he's getting older and about fly his wings. I'm not sure how far he is going to fly, even though he's very independent but still depends finacially on mom and dad. He hasn't had to work because his dad and I have allowed him to concentrate on his sports which take all of his spare time I just hope that doesn't hurt him in the future. Oh well, when he becomes a Pharmacist and makes all of that money it will be well worth it.